45 Earth Day Resolutions

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and the air smells brand new. It’s Earth’s promise of fertile prosperity, her reminder of new beginnings. Earth Day represents a time to reflect and find more ways to give back, above and beyond the good habits we’ve already adhered to for her benefit. Let’s think of it as Nature’s New Year and set Earth Day resolutions! 134466058_aa119a8ac9-1   This Earth Day, let me plant some seeds. We need to be thinking of our impact on Earth every day. It really is up to us to support her health. Our health is dependent on hers and vice versa. Here are some excellent things we all can do this year:   1. I will plant some of my favorite veggies in a garden or pots. 2. I will keep clean reusable produce bags in my grocery bags. 3. I will keep shopping bags in my purse or car and use them when I shop. 4. I will only use safe, biodegradable cleaning products. 5. I will teach my kids to read labels. 6. I’ll just get the economy car instead of the SUV. 7. I will stop buying single-use non-biodegradable trash bags. 8. I will replace all the incandescent light bulbs with high-efficiency bulbs. 9. I will cook more foods from scratch, in order to use less packaging. 10. I will take a walk or hike at least once a week to connect with nature. 11. I will not buy another “bottled water” again, ever. 12. I’m going solar! 13. I will keep my air conditioner set 3 degrees warmer. 14. I will keep my heater set 3 degrees cooler. 15. I will choose organic cotton instead of conventional or synthetic material, at least once. 16. I will plant a tree and nurture that tree. 17. I will look for locally produced items before buying imports. 18. I will not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides on my property. 19. I will purchase organic foods whenever my budget allows it. 20. I will start composting kitchen scraps. 8633679629_5f5ed8f7cc 21. I will use reusable containers instead of plastic zippy bags. 22. I will sign those land-saving petitions each time this year. 23. I will ask a friend to sign those petitions too. 24. Instead of party favors, we’re doing planet favors. 25. I will consume less meat. 26. I will turn in a “litter bug” if I see one. 27. I will drive 5 mph slower on the freeway. 28. I will consciously slow down at times to take in Earth’s beauty. 29. I will buy more food in bulk in an effort to create less waste. 30. I will shop at farmers’ markets at least once per month (seasonally). 3646347359_1bee254c83 31. I will focus on buying produce when it’s in season. 32. I will ride my bike to work/school at least once a week, because it’s only 2 miles. 33. I will never use chlorine bleach or ammonia again. Ever. 34. I will read the label of every garment of clothing I buy this year – where it was made and what it was made with. 35. I will not buy any more synthetic body care items. Ever. Because it is body pollution, it goes down the drain, and my body is her body. 36. I will turn my water heater down. 37. I will not buy a plastic one if there is a glass or metal one. 38. I’m just going to go ahead and get that hybrid or electric car I’ve been thinking about. 39. I will volunteer at my local watershed cleanup. 40. I will pick up random trash when it is within my passing reach. 41. I will subscribe to a new media source for Earth news. 42. I will take shorter showers. 43. I will eat more organic raw foods. 44. I will kick my big-box store shopping habit. 45. I will drop-kick my dollar-store habit.