A New Life

I just found out in June that I am pregnant. It is my first, and I am overjoyed! Dredging through the trenches of 24/7 queasiness, heartburn, and frequent headaches, knowing that there is a big prize at the end makes it all worthwhile!

I am thankful to have gained the knowledge of the importance of living an all organic lifestyle 11 years ago, as I feel it has really helped me coast through the past two months with more ease than those who eat poor diets. (Honesty, I can’t imagine living any other way!) My occasional slip-ups on my diet due to comfort food cravings are a reassurance to me that I should not eat processed foods filled with flavor enhancers, dyes, sugars, and preservatives. When I do, nausea usually gets worse than before and I just feel outright crummy as a result!

With another human being growing inside of my body, I become more sensitive to the outside world. As we all know, the media does a great job at pumping fear into most Americans. As with any mother, I feel extra responsible and concerned with this new life I will soon be watching over. Constant bombardment of news regarding wars, disease, pollution, and GM (genetically modified) farming can really wear on an individual’s psyche. But there still remains the glimmer of hope thanks to supportive community grassroots movements toward real democracy to protect our remaining freedoms, and education about the truth that much of the media tries to hide.

-Rowena, Product Specialist