A slice of heaven: my Euro organic mattress

When I’m talking on the phone with customers helping them choose the right mattress, I often hear, “What kind of mattress do YOU sleep on?” I usually hesitate, since I don’t want to influence anyone unduly based on what I like personally. After making sure they understand that what’s right for me may not be right for them, however, I share that since February 2004 I’ve been extremely happy with my fabulous Euro, a mattress so adaptable and wide-ranging in its comfort that it’s been our best-seller since Day One. One of the reasons why so many customers love the Euro is that it can feel very different depending on how you use it. Made of a 6” core of natural rubber covered in our organic-cotton-and-wool quilting material, the Euro is available in three standard firmnesses (medium, medium-firm, and firm), along with the almost-frightening “extra-firm” we make by request), but has a medium-firm feel overall. When used alone on a platform-slat bed or in a standard frame with a wood-slat foundation it’s extremely stable and almost motion-free, and provides excellent back support. There’s a second way you use the Euro, however, and it’s the way I sleep on mine: with a box-spring foundation for a  softer, “springier” feel. (When I ordered my mattress it took me about six weeks to decide between the Euro and the Combo, so clearly I can appreciate the feel of an innerspring.) The Euro almost takes on the feel of an innerspring mattress this way, but with greater stability. The percentage of customers who use it that way is small – about 5%, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. There’s one last way in which the medium-firm feel of the Euro can be changed: by adding a pillow top. I’ve been using the Sculpted Pillow Top on my Euro since 2005,  and often recommend it for customers looking for a mattress that offers solid, firm-ish support with pressure-point relief and a softer feel on the surface. Though it’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all proposition, this combination of products is probably my favorite we make at Lifekind – and I’ve literally tried it all. It makes me happy when I can recommend it with confidence to a customer, since it’s my own little slice of heaven.  :)