We are proud to cater to our many health-conscious customers and offer the purest certified organics available. A question we are frequently asked is, “Are your products vegan?” While we are a cruelty free company, not all of our products are vegan. Here is a basic guide to answer this important question.

Our mattresses and foundations are made from GOTS-certified organic wool and cotton; in many cases we use GOLS-certified organic latex in the mattresses, as well. The wool is essential as it serves as our all natural flame retardant, which is required by law. There are other options, however, in order to uphold our Purity Promise, ozone-sanitized organic wool is the best option out there. The common alternatives of graphite, silica, and even kevlar just don't meet our standards. We are able to accommodate requests for custom vegan mattresses with a doctor's prescription. This is the Federal government's exception to the current requirement. If a doctor deems flame retardants (natural or synthetic) are detrimental to a person’s health, we are able to omit the organic wool and create a 100% organic, vegan mattress.

Most of our pillows, bedding, and cleaning products are vegan, also. If you would like a quote on a vegan mattress or foundation, or we can help with any further questions, please let us know at (800) 284-4983 or .

Take care and be well!