Ask a Product Specialist

Here are a few of the most common questions we're asked in the Lifekind sales department: "When are you having your next sale?" The truth is, we find out about our discounts at the same time our customers do. Except for our biggest sale of the year -- our annual White Sale, which begins at the end of each December and goes through the end of January -- we don't have advance notice of what's coming up. Walt, the president of our company, makes those decisions based on the materials we have in stock, how long it's been since a particular item went on sale, and other factors, and we try to have fun with it and keep it creative throughout the year. If you'd like to know about our next sale, go to or give us a call to sign up for email notification. Or just keep an eye on our website. Either way, something interesting will be coming along before you know it. "I'm buying this mattress for my two-year-old child. Do I need to put a plastic cover on it?" To protect your new organic mattress from life's little disruptions such as nighttime accidents, the best choice is to use our organic cotton Flannel Mattress Pad and Wool Moisture Protector pad together. Position the flannel pad directly below the fitted sheet and on top of the moisture pad, so in case of most accidents you'll be washing the flannel pad rather than the wool. (The wool pad requires rinsing in warm water with no soap and line drying, so you'll want to be doing that only in case of really major event.) Using all-organic mattress pads involves a little more work than a plastic cover. The rewards are worth it, however: protecting your family's health and making the planet a better place for all of us. "What's your best pillow?" While we don't think of our products as having a "best" or "less than best" distinction, our most popular is undoubtedly the Wool-Wrapped Shredded Rubber. It's got the cozy, soft-yet-supportive feel of a high-end down pillow yet is cruelty-free, and can be customized to any height preference by unzipping the center chamber and taking out a lot or a little of the shredded rubber inside. It makes almost every sleeper happy, and if it doesn't, just give us a call and we'll take it back unopened within 30 days for an exchange or refund. Your choice! "What if I have a latex allergy?" Customers sometimes ask about the possibility of having an allergic latex reaction to our 100%-natural-rubber latex. We're happy to answer that unlike rubber gloves, latex balloons or other "dipped latex" products, the 100%-natural rubber we use does not pose the possibility of a reaction. The proteins that cause a latex allergy are completely removed during processing, and according to the manufacturer of our natural rubber, there's NEVER been a reported allergic reaction. That's good news! We're always glad to send a sample of our natural rubber along with our Allergy Test Sheet though, to provide extra peace of mind, so don't hesitate to ask. ******************************* Do you have a question for one of our friendly Product Specialists? Send us an email at