Behind-the-Scenes at Lifekind: Warehouse Edition

I just walked back to the warehouse, and was greeted with a mountain of boxes getting shipped out today. Since I sit in a different department it is always fun to see the fruits of our labors headed out to our customers across the country. So what happens when you place an online order? After you hit "submit" and our data entry department processes it (yes, we still process every order by hand so nothing gets missed!), the order gets sent back to our warehouse to be packed and shipped. Michelle, our warehouse supervisor, has been with Lifekind for more than 10 years, and she runs a tight ship. Each order is pulled by hand, double checked by a different person, and then triple checked again before being packed for safe transport. You may notice when you get an order from Lifekind that the box is lined with Kraft paper, with your products packed neatly inside with corn-based biodegradable packing peanuts. Before taping the box up, our warehouse staff even secure a piece of cardboard inside the box to make sure you don't accidentally pierce your order if you open the box with a knife. I know the first time I saw Michelle pack an order, I was impressed with how efficient she is, and how nice her boxes always look. Once the order is packed and run through the UPS computer, the package is checked again to make sure that the shipping details are correct and that if there are multiple boxes, they are all included in the shipment. We then notify the order entry department that your order has been shipped, and it isn't until then that your card gets charged for your order. We do it this way in case something comes up (say an item is back-ordered, or you make a last-minute addition to your order) so you are getting charged only for what gets shipped to you. And now you have had a little peek behind-the-scenes at Lifekind. Even better though, make sure you put "Hi Michelle" in as a promo code the next time you place an online order over $99, and we'll ship it to you for free (offer expires 12/2/12. Some exclusions apply). Interested in more Lifekind behind-the-scenes? What would you like to see?