Caring for Your Wool Moisture Protector Pad

Our Wool Moisture Protector Pad is one of the most popular products we sell. It's made of 100% U.S.-grown Naturally Safer® wool, made by us at our GOTS-certified organic factory in Northern California, and does a great job of keeping any mattress clean and dry. WoolMoisture1 Because it uses the natural oils found in wool to keep the mattress dry and breathable, however, a little extra care is required when cleaning it. The care instructions we send with every moisture pad read as follows: Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 10.42.10 AM * Some of our customers hand-rinse the pad in the bathtub and hang it up to dry, while others use the washing machine with warm water on the gentlest cycle and then tumble dry using the "air" setting with no heat. Either way, make sure the pad isn't exposed to any friction or wringing, and that it's kept away from any soaps or detergents. * Customers sometimes ask if our Wool Moisture Protector Pad can be treated with lanolin, one of the natural oils found in the wool that make it naturally moisture resistant. This usually occurs in cases in which the pad has been stripped of its lanolin content after being accidentally washed with detergent. While lanolizing can be easily accomplished with smaller items such as wool diaper covers, it's an exacting process that involves the emulsification of pure lanolin and then applying it to the entire product (watch the process at While we don't claim that using lanolin will harm a moisture protector, we can't guarantee that it will be effective either and, depending on the pad's size, may have poor results. * If your moisture pad retains any odor after rinsing, sprinkle baking soda on the pad while it's still damp, then shake thoroughly after drying to remove the powder. This will help the pad stay smelling clean and fresh. Have a question about the care of any of our products? Call our friendly Product Specialists at 800-284-4983. WoolMoisturePadKO