Don't we have to use flame retardant?

Frequently, callers ask us how it's possible that we don't have to use chemical flame retardants on our mattresses. "Isn't there a law that says you have to?" they ask.
Thank goodness, the answer to that question is no. The federal flammability standard -- known as 16 CFR Parts 1632 & 1633 --  requires only that mattresses and certain other types of bedding pass flammability tests, not how  they pass. The tests involve exposing a mattress to open flame using an apparatus that locks down around the mattress (see video of a mattress made by our factory, OMI, passing federal flammability testing at Unlike non-organic mattresses that are sprayed with dangerous chemicals to achieve flame retardancy, we use only our Naturally Safer wool to make our mattresses pass with flying colors. Phew!  :)
For more information about the federal flammability standard, go here.