FAQ's about Backorders

It’s that magical time of year, as both January and our annual White Sale come to an end, when backorders seem to blossom like the Spring daffodils that are not far away.  If you see something on our website similar to the image below, have no fear-- Product Specialists are here!

backordered item

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about backorders here at Lifekind.  We hope it helps clear up any confusion or hesitation in placing your order for out-of-stock items. Can I still order this at the sale price?  You bet!  When the item is back in stock we will charge your credit card, ship the item, and forward the tracking information to your email. Is extra shipping charged if the rest of my order is shipped now?  No, we will still honor the original shipping rate for your entire order.  The only time you might notice a shipping charge associated with a backordered item is a surcharge; for example, a 64-oz. bottle of Laundry Liquid will have a $2.25 surcharge. When will the item be back in stock?  This is trickier to answer, because it really depends on where the product comes from.  We always pass along the estimate given to us by the manufacturer, and are happy to give updates.  If you have a backordered item, watch your email or give us a call for specific timeframes. Is this item being discontinued?  Discontinued items are typically listed as clearance or limited quantities available, not as temporarily out of stock. If you still have questions, feel free to call, email or Alive Chat us; and if you wait until the 31st to place your order, please be patient!  As the White Sale ends our call volume goes through the roof.  We are diligent in returning all calls and emails, but we are still human, working within business hours.  Thanks for you patience, and Happy Shopping! sunny-daffodils