Fear Not!

I am committed to experiencing pregnancy and delivery in the most natural way possible. In this day and age of modern conveniences and pain-relieving pharmaceuticals, it is easy to give in to the fear of pain and ask for them. I ask myself, “Will I be able to handle it?”  Modern medicine has become such big business; I personally cringe at the thought of delivering a baby at a hospital. I was reading about the body’s natural way of releasing chemicals and endorphins to help labor progress and diminish pain, which pharmaceuticals completely negate, making the whole experience numb and dulled. Though birth, with or without pharmaceuticals, is still a miraculous, joyous experience for any mother, the physical body may not have the additional bonus of the natural “high” from the strenuous experience. Plus, pharmaceuticals, no matter how minute, do get into the baby’s system too. Research shows that pain in labor is a result of fear and tension. As I prepare for the big “D-day,” I remember to let go of any expectations and surrender to the pain, as it is a natural process. As I have learned from yoga, breathing can really help one gain control of any situation, no matter how intense it is.  Luckily, the rushes of contractions are rhythmic and only happen one at a time with breaks in between! -Rowena, Product Specialist