I sold a mattress and received a can of smoked salmon!

This afternoon a package arrived from one of my customers in Sitka, Alaska. It contained all sorts of goodies, like healthy specialty teas, organic hot cocoa mix – and a can of real smoked Chinook Alaska salmon! Everyone gathered ‘round my desk to admire the surprise, marveling at the generous offering. Although I have not yet had the opportunity to visit Alaska, I can sense the heartfelt spirit of the people who live there. It reminds me why I enjoy being involved with Lifekind. The people I work with are exceptional, generous and attentive to helping others. We all believe strongly in our connection to a more organic lifestyle, drawing experience through Lifekind’s commitment to making an enthusiastic difference in organic, chemical-free bedding. I feel like I’m making a difference, and I sleep better at night. And when I consider the generous gift package from my new friends in Sitka, Alaska, I sense they’re now sleeping better as well! Kim, Product Specialist