Is your Organic Mattress too SOFT or too FIRM?

Did you know...   ...that what you add to the top of your bed can make a difference in how firm it feels? Sure, a super-soft, fluffy 3" Wooly pillowtop will add softness to a mattress, but what about mattress pads, fitted sheets, and barrier covers? The truth is, when a mattress is constrained by having tight-fitting bedding applied, it can feel considerably firmer and have a more "hemmed in" feel. When a mattress is in its "undressed" state it's able to expand in every direction, the way it would have when it was first designed by the manufacturer. The difference in how it feels after having bedding added can be startling. To mitigate this effect, our popular Flannel Pad and Wool Moisture Protector Pad are held on to your mattress with elastic straps on the four corners, instead of being a fitted product. (Fitted pads, which go all the way around and down the sides of the mattress like a fitted sheet, can affect the feel even more, and should be avoided if you want to keep the firmness as-is.)  Also, deep-pocket fitted sheets will provide more room for a mattress to expand than a tighter-fitting one will, so keep that in mind when choosing. Finally, if you have a mattress you'd like to make a bit firmer, try using a tighter-fitting fitted sheet or fitted mattress pad. It might just make a difference! 8-24-toohardtoosoft