It ain't easy

Sometimes, the easiest way to do things isn't the best way.  This fun little Rube Goldberg machine, Melvin, is sure to make you smile.  It's definitely a feel good video. At Lifekind, we know we don't go about things the easiest way possible.  It would be easy to send you a mass-produced mattress that had been sprayed down with chemicals to meet flammability requirements.  It would be easy to use the cheapest raw materials we can find. It would be easy to use a latex blend, and just say we use "natural" materials. It would be easy to have a machine do all the hard work. Of course, if it were easy, it wouldn't be a Lifekind mattress.  We took the time to figure out a way to meet flammability requirements without compromising our mission to provide the purest product available. We use 100%-natural rubber latex, because it's what we believe in.  Our mattresses are hand-sewn and assembled by actual people. It's not the easiest, it's the best.  And when you get your new Lifekind mattress, it's sure to make you smile, too.