Our Top 10 Picks for Valentines Day

r-VINTAGE-VALENTINES-large570 Valentine's day, the day of love, is coming up on us real quick.  Instead of giving chocolates and flowers this year, why don't you give your sweetie something that seems to hug her (or him) back?   Find the perfect gift with our top-10 best Valentine's Day gifts from Lifekind: 1.  All-Season Wool Comforter February is a great month for snuggling, and what better way to do it than under our organic cotton and wool All-Season Comforter? 2. Body Pillow:  The best substitute if you can't be there to spoon.  This generously sized body pillow gives her something to hug when you are away. 3. The Wooly: There's nothing better than sinking into a fluffy bed at the end of the day, and our 3" Wooly can make that happen. It's handmade in our certified-organic factory, and is so comfy, you'll just want to spend the day in bed cuddling. 4. Back Wrap with cover:  Heat this organic buckwheat-filled back wrap in the microwave, and put it around your shoulders to soothe away aches and pains.  Feels great after a day on the slopes, and it's a great warm-up for the shoulder rub you'll be giving her later.  She deserves it. 5. Shredded Rubber Pillow:  Hands down, our best-selling pillow.  The soft, responsive feel of the natural rubber, wrapped in organic wool, is the perfect place to rest your head..... It's even customizable, so she can make it exactly to her liking.  Heck, get yourself one as well, so when she steals your pillow, at least she'll be stealing a great pillow. 6. Silk and Fleece Throw Blanket: This is love in a blanket.  The wonderfully soft fleece feels amazing, and it's trimmed with cruelty-free Peace Silk. This beautiful creamy blanket looks great with any decor, and feels even better with a bowl of popcorn on your lap and your arm around her shoulders for movie night.  (Pro Tip: Make it a romantic comedy.  You'll thank me later.) 7. Organic Cotton Stuffed Bunny: If your Valentine is of the under-10 set, this heirloom-quality bunny is the perfect gift.  It's sewn by hand, and is reminiscent of years past.  It'll soon become the bedtime favorite, and your mini-Valentine is sure to love it. ShowerMassage 8. Shower Dechorinator with Hand-Held Massage Kit: At the end of a long day, nothing feels better than a hot shower and some muscle relief.  This dechlorinator and hand-held showerhead massage could be just what the doctor ordered. 9. Spa Gift Bag: Everything your lady needs to feel pampered.  From bath soak to body polish, help your sweetheart feel great...so great, in fact, you won't be able to keep your hands off her! 10. Body Care Gift Bag: Hey, you deserve something nice too–this gift bag is an assortment of our unscented body products.  You don't have to share, but if you do, these products are great for both men and women.  Treat yourself and give her a reason to run her hands all over you. It's a win-win in our book!