Pillow Fight!

world-pillow-fight-day-london-trafalgar-square-2013-dave-pearce-2 I am convinced there are two types of pillow fights. One is where we aim to win by whacking each other with brute force (using soft pillows, of course), and the other is the ultimate search to find the right pillow so we can get a good night’s sleep. Pillow fights have probably been occurring since the dawn of pillows. Dating as far back as Mesopotamian times, around 7,000 BC, pillows were seen as a status symbol. The more pillows someone owned, the more affluent he or she was seen to be. Ancient Romans and Greeks mastered the creation of a softer pillow by stuffing them with reeds, feathers, or straw in order to make them more comfortable. I won my personal pillow fight when I started using our adjustable Wool-Wrapped Shredded Rubber Pillow. I like it because it provides softness and good support at the same time, not to mention that I would most likely win any pillow fight I could encounter. It can be challenging to find the right pillow when trying to narrow down all the choices, but one thing’s for sure… When it’s time to replace your old pillows for new ones, save them to use on International Pillow Fight Day: http://2013.pillowfightday.com