Price Increase

Dear Lifekind, I just got an email from your company saying your prices are going up again. The prices are already so far out of most people's range of affordability that it's truly disappointing. Each year I keep hoping to be able to replace the king size bed I purchased from you 12 years I wonder if I'll never be able to buy one of your beds again. Thank you for taking the time to write. Believe me, no one could feel worse than I do about where the prices of our products are. My entire life has been devoted to providing safer, less-chemical alternatives to today's all-chemical consumer products. As a small company, we do not have the ability to hedge costs through futures trading or commodity purchases. Neither do we have any influence over the demand from countries like China and India that are consuming the organic materials we use to make our products. It bothers me tremendously that customers such as yourself are priced out of the market. Ultimately our company suffers as well, since we have no other materials that we can (or would want to) substitute to get prices down. The email you received was only intended to alert anyone who is contemplating a purchase that unbelievably prices are going up again. I apologize for not being able to figure out how to reduce prices without compromising our integrity, but I am working on it. The web is full of companies who claim to be "chemical free," non-outgassing, certified organic, etc. None of it is true, but there are no enforcement agencies that address these bogus claims. So here we sit in the unenviable position of having an honest product whose prices are turning customers away at the same time the competition is claiming to be us. Thank you for purchasing a mattress from us in the past. Very truly yours, Walt Bader President/CEO