Reducing my Exposure to Chemicals

A few years ago I purchased a Lifekind organic mattress to help reduce my exposure to chemicals in my daily life. As the days go by I become more aware of every product I use and how it might effect the environment around me. When we bought our house last year I went even further and vowed to not allow any conventional mattresses or furniture to be purchased, along with removing all chemically based products from daily use. All of the food, personal care products, cleaning products, and mattresses in my home are completely natural or organic and free of toxic substances. Keeping toxins out of my daily surroundings provides a sense of serenity and has improved my quality of life. The next step is to remodel our home to make it more energy efficient and to personalize the colors on the walls. I can assure you that the replacement products will be free of hazardous chemicals. I am happy to be a consumer that supports the movement to reduce the amount of chemicals being used daily. It is really comforting to know that when I am at home I am in an area that is as natural as possible. What can you do to change your environment to help benefit your well-being and those around you? Stephanie, Sales