Response to COVID-19

At Lifekind, the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is our top priority. Accordingly, we have implemented new procedures of our own, and also followed the suggestions of CDC and others, in response to the COVID-19 virus.

At our Eco-Factory and fulfillment center in California, we have installed certain new policies that limit our production and shipping staff’s contact with products, and contact between one another as much as possible. This includes for example, staggered shifts.  Also, we have implemented an enhanced cleaning regimen for all hard surfaces including our machinery, tools and ship stations, following best practices as recently outlined by health organizations.

In addition, we are using commercial purifiers in key locations, to circulate air thru Super HEPA filters. The purifiers in use at our factory are equipped with UV germicidal lamps to flood airborne pathogens with ultraviolet light. The combination of a Super HEPA filter and UV exposure are shown to be highly effective in removing airborne viruses. These are the same purifiers we make available to you online at (specifically our LK6000 UV).

For sales and customer service personnel, our modern communication systems allow the teams to work from their homes, to be with their families and also to observe the very important restrictions placed on social contact. Our work-from-home policy of course also means we are able to maintain continuity in service.

As a company committed to purity and health since our founding in 1997, know we are doing our part to keep our workforce well and limit the transmission of COVID-19 virus. 

Have questions? Contact our sales team at, by online chat or call us at (800) 284-4983.