The Art of Giving

Our boss, Walt, likes to do something nice for his employees during the December holidays.  This year, he will treat us to a nice sit-down dinner, and then to a play at a local playhouse. It’s always a nice treat to see everyone dressed up and getting to sit around and chat (about something other than mattresses).

In the past, we employees have done a “Secret Santa” gift exchange, but this is the second year that we are going to be donating gifts to our local homeless shelter, Hospitality House. Each of us chose a paper ornament from our office Christmas tree, and purchased the gift listed on the back.  We will be collecting all of the gifts and dropping them off at the shelter before Christmas. In addition to the gift I put under the tree, I will also be participating in an evening of conscious music where local performers come together to to raise funds for Hospitality House. Each year I have had the honor to sing for this wonderful event, which always leaves me feeling uplifted! The fact that this year Lifekind employees are giving to Hospitality House instead of our annual Secret Santa event -- one of my favorites –makes my heart sing. And this year, when I take the stage on December 17th for the “Night of Giving” benefit concert, I will hold dear to my heart that my Lifekind family has contributed as well! Here’s wishing you all a peaceful holiday season filled with kindness and compassion. Kimberly
Hospitality House is a nonprofit program in here in Nevada County, Northern California, that services the homeless. They work in collaboration with local churches and other service organizations to provide meals and shelter to the homeless in our community. The staff and management at the Hospitality House look forward to improving their services even more in 2012 once they have moved into their new facility.
In addition to working at Lifekind as a product specialist, Kimberly Bass is also an accomplished singer/songwriter and musician.