The Down Pillow Lover’s Cruelty-Free Alternatives

If you love down pillows and are looking for a cruelty-free organic option, or want to get away from the allergens caused by the dust mites that like to cozy up in down, look no further. Lifekind carries two pillows that possess the qualities of down pillows, but are more breathable and better for temperature regulation. The Natural Rubber Molded Pillow and the Wool Wrapped Shredded Rubber Pillow are made of pure, natural-rubber latex, which repels dust mites naturally. The wool in the Shredded Rubber Pillow also repels dust mites. You can decide on your own which one is right for you, or if you’re still unsure, call and talk to a Lifekind Product Specialist at 800-284-4983.

lifekind molded pillow

The Natural Rubber Molded Pillow
  • Our softest-feeling pillow
  • Supportive softness elevates the head without pressure
  • Light, buoyant, flexible and squish-able
  • Molded rubber bounces back to pillow shape, softly
The Wool-Wrapped Shredded Rubber Pillow
  • Filled with small pieces of fluffy natural rubber inside an outer chamber of wool
  • Can be customized by removing some fill; the more you remove, the fluffier it is, like a down pillow
  • More fill has a “feather pillow” feel and is heavier
  • Can be fluffed, shaped, and “smooshed” like a down pillow