Understanding Mattress Sizes

Mattress sizes can be confusing. What's the difference, say, between an Eastern king and a California king mattress? How about a twin vs. a twin extra-long? And is a "full" the same as a "double"?

Here on the Lifekind sales team, it's one of the questions we're asked most. In North American countries, mattress sizing has been standardized as follows:RulerBend

Twin (sometimes called a "single"):  38 x 75

Twin extra long:  38 x 80

Full (sometimes called a "double"):  54 x 75

Queen:  60 x 80

Eastern (standard) King, or "EK":  76 x 80

California King, or "CK":  72 x 84

Two twin extra-long mattresses placed side by side are the same size as an EK, so they're sometimes used when two sleepers want differing firmnesses. Twin extra-long mattresses are also a popular choice for dorm rooms. The full size -- popularized as a "double" years ago -- was previously the most popular size for couples. Now that couples are choosing mostly larger queen or king sizes, however, fulls are typically used for children or individual sleepers or for guest rooms. The most common mattress-size question of all, however, is "Should I get a regular king or a California king?" The appeal of the California King size is an extra four inches of length, but four inches of side-by-side width must be sacrificed to achieve it, so for that reason the standard Eastern King is still the more popular choice by far. (And also because sheets for a California King can be hard to find. We do carry them here at Lifekind, however!  :). Whatever size you need, give us a call. We'll help you find the right mattress for you.Mattress_Stack