Washington Toxics Coalition

A recent study done by Duke University showed that 80% of common baby products tested contain high levels of toxic flame retardants linked to cancer, decreased IQ, thyroid disruption, and learning problems. All of the products contained polyurethane foam, a prime offender when it comes to chemical exposure in our everyday lives, and included crib mattresses, car seats, changing pads, and baby carriers. This is especially alarming because babies' delicate systems are still developing and are extra vulnerable to chemical-laden dust and toxic fumes. With every study that shows the risks of exposure to toxic chemicals, it becomes more important to make sure that babies and young children are exposed as little as possible. Look for products that are third-party certified for chemical offgassing, such as Lifekind GREENGUARD-certified organic crib mattresses. Avoid polyurethane foam whenever possible, and always ask how what kind of flammability protection is used (organic wool is all we ever use at Lifekind). Making informed decisions will go a long way toward protecting you and your family from the health effects of chemical exposure. For more information, go to watoxics.org/healthy-living/healthy-families/safe-start-for-kids-1/safe-start-for-kids or give us a call at Lifekind -- we're always glad to talk.