We don't toss money in the garbage, so why throw a mattress there?

If you are looking to make space for your new mattress, consider a few creative solutions of disposing your old one. According to Greenyour.com over 33,000,000 mattresses are produced each year and 20,000,000 are thrown away. Twenty million!! A mattress is a wealth of resources that can be used for other things. My rule of thumb, which I learned from studying Permaculture, is everything can be used more then once, or in at least two different ways. Why throw away something that still has a function? Below are suggestions for ways to recycle mattresses. - If the mattress is not soiled then Craigslist.com is a great place to sell or give it away. You could even include the metal bed frame and bedding in the price. - Put an ad in the paper stating the mattress is free for the taking. Many people are in need and would be ecstatic to take it off your hands. - If you are not partial to having strangers come to your house, call your local fire department or news station when there was a natural disaster in your area. They would know of families in need who may have lost everything, and your donation may be just what they needed. - If you live in the SF Bay Area, check out http://www.BayAreaRecycle.com - Carefully deconstruct the mattress. The wood can be broken down into wood chips, cotton and wool is great for the compost bin or as a covering for flower beds. The springs make for a great art project or can be melted down into steel. - Ecohaul.com is a company that strives to do what they can to keep materials they pick up out of landfills. See if they are in your area! The possibilities are endless. Be creative and if you think of any other ways to creatively reuse a mattress, let us know! Sara, Product Specialist