We're Lifekind...Pleased to Meet You!

One of the things we hear quite a bit from customers is that it's nice to be able to talk to a real person when they call us. Maybe you can relate. I know I can in this age of "voice-mail hell," when it's not all that common to be able to talk to a customer-service representative without navigating a labyrinthine maze of choices -- or maybe never getting there at all.

  It's true that when you call Lifekind, you're only a few seconds away from getting to talk to a real, live human. The first thing you'll hear is a brief outgoing message, which offers a list of options to help you get where you need to go. (That's me speaking in the outgoing message, by the way -- I'm the "voice of Lifekind."  :) If you reach us during regular business hours it's the only message you'll have to hear, unless you're calling for someone who's temporarily on another call or away from her desk. The message lets you choose whether you want to enter an extension, ask a general question, talk to a Product Specialist like me, or access a company directory. (If you're calling after hours, you'll also be given the option to leave a message in our General Mailbox.) Once you develop a relationship with a product specialist, if you keep her extension handy you can enter it as soon as the outgoing message starts -- and then never have to listen to it again!
When taking an order, doing a mattress consultation to help someone figure out exactly the right mattress, or helping with a return or exchange of product, we take great pride in offering the kind of personal attention that can be truly unusual to find in today's corporate world.
Give us a call sometime soon so we can get to know you, too!   1-800-284-4983