Which mattress pad should I use?

It's the question we're most frequently asked by customers: Which should I choose to protect my (or my child's) mattress, the Flannel Mattress Pad or the Wool Moisture Protector?
The answer is easy: It depends on the situation.
If you're looking to protect a mattress from a heavily-perspiring sleeper or the occasional accidents that can occur with young children or pets, the Wool Moisture Protector is the one. The natural oils in our California-grown Naturally Safer® wool keep mattresses dry and comfortable in case of even major accidents, especially when layered under the Flannel Mattress Pad. (Doubling up the protection is the best way to make sure nothing gets through to the mattress surface, and you'll spend less time hand-rinsing and air-drying the wool pad because the machine-washable flannel pad will be enough protection in most cases.)
If the mattress getting wet isn't a concern, the Flannel Mattress Pad alone should be sufficient. Its thick, substantial layers of U.S.-grown certified-organic cotton quilted flannel will keep any mattress looking new for years, and it's machine washable and dryable for easy care.
Whichever is right for you, choosing a U.S.-grown-and-made organic mattress pad from Lifekind is the best way to protect your investment AND make sure your family is avoiding exposure to toxic chemicals. It's the one accessory no mattress should be without!