Yoga and Living Organic

There are many types of yoga. Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bhakti, and Anusara are just a few. Karma yoga is the discipline of action. It is thought by many that if your actions are pure and good, then positive things will come into your life. One example of Karma yoga is buying organic food. After cooking and eating a healthy meal, we benefit from feeling pleasantly full and satisfied. Our friends and family have more peace in their lives because they are relaxed after a good meal, and the farmer that produced healthy food receives payment. Conversely, when food is heavy in empty calories or toxins, the body feels heavy and may respond to life situations in a harsh way. In such cases we may have given our hard earned money to a farmer who sprays the land with pesticides and other potentially harmful products that affect both humans and animals. It can be said that people have free will to decide if positive or negative actions come into our lives. Home products can be applied to Karma yoga. Making the choice to buy natural cleaners, organic bedding, and of course, sustainably made mattresses allows us and those we invite into our homes the opportunity to be healthier. Because of your life choices, your guests may learn about organics from talking with you. Then, they’ll go out and buy an organic product or two, and before you know it, America will be a model of sustainability and health. Now that’s good Karma! -Sara, Product Specialist