Healthy Indoor Environments

Healthy Indoor Environments

In today's world, where indoor air quality and sustainability are paramount, the choice of interior products can significantly impact the environments we live and work in. To make informed decisions and create healthier indoor spaces, understanding indoor air quality (IAQ) certifications such as SCS Global Services' Indoor Advantage™ Gold is critical.

The Significance of Indoor Advantage™ Gold Certification

When it comes to crafting healthier indoor environments, the choice of interior products is pivotal. SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold Certification is representative of a manufacturer's dedication to this cause, signifying a commitment to produce low-emission products. The most exceptional, lowest-emitting products in this category earn the prestigious 'Gold' seal, serving as a clear, transparent indicator of their top-tier indoor air quality performance.

The Foundation of Indoor Advantage™ Gold

The value of this certification extends far beyond its name. It holds widespread recognition across various green building rating systems and programs, making it a trusted choice for architects, designers, purchasers, and consumers. Its foundation lies in established, non-proprietary standards that incorporate testing criteria based on scientific and health-based principles. These criteria are endorsed by reputable organizations such as the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

Transparency and Integrity

A cornerstone of SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold Certification is its commitment to transparency and integrity. This certification program relies on a global network of independent, accredited testing laboratories, thereby eliminating any conflicts of interest between certification bodies and testing entities. Additionally, a team of experienced auditors, strategically located around the world, ensures the program's integrity is upheld. Their risk-based auditing criteria fulfill onsite auditing requirements, promoting both transparency and trustworthiness.

Comparing SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold and GreenGuard Gold

In comparing SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold to GreenGuard Gold, one critical distinction emerges: the level of independence in testing facilities. SCS Indoor Advantage Gold exclusively employs third-party testing through accredited laboratories whereas GreenGuard Gold certification may involve testing conducted at Underwriters Laboratories' (UL) own laboratories. This independence in testing facilities closely aligns with organic standards like the Global Organic Textile Standard ("GOTS") and Global Organic Latex Standard ("GOLS").

Understanding the nuances of SCS Global Services' Indoor Advantage™ Gold Certification is the key to promoting healthier indoor environments. The significance of low-emitting interior products, its recognition across green building standards, its scientific foundation, and the commitment to transparency and independence in testing facilities collectively make it a trusted and credible choice. In an era where indoor air quality and sustainability are paramount, this certification paves the way for informed decisions that lead to healthier indoor spaces. 
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