Comfort Features

Lifekind organic mattresses and bedding feature exclusive innovations for comfort, durability, and customizability.

  • Sculpting

    A contoured or "sculpted" surface enhances support for the body's natural curves, aligning the spine, reducing pressure points, and improving comfort. Contoured surfaces distribute weight more evenly compared to flat surfaces, reducing tossing and turning, and increasing airflow for cooler sleep.

  • Pillow-Tops

    A pillow top adds an extra layer for increased comfort, making mattresses more plush and luxurious. Soft pillow tops are ideal for side sleepers needing more "sink" for their hips and shoulders and reduce motion transfer between bedmates.

  • Fully Quilted Covers

    A fully quilted mattress cover provides a consistent and even sleeping surface. Quilting distributes fill evenly across the mattress, reducing lumps or bumps, leading to a more comfortable and supportive surface compared to tufted or "tack-and-jump" covers.

  • Flippable Designs

    Many Lifekind mattress models are fully quilted and finished on both sides, making them flippable. Flipping the mattress extends its life and maintains comfort. Mattresses with floating pillow tops offer the benefit of flippable pillow tops and bases, a "four-sided" design.

  • Zippered Encasements

    Mattresses with zippered covers and individual layers can be customized for comfort by rearranging or exchanging layers to suit preferences, body changes, or life circumstances. Customizable, layered, and zippered mattresses are easy to set up and move due to their modular design.

  • Spiraled™ Fill

    Lifekind wool and cotton pillows feature our exclusive Spiraled fill. Custom-built machinery converts organic wool and cotton fibers into tight, spiraled balls for added resiliency, springiness, and comfort.