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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a mattress organic?

In order for a mattress to be labeled as organic, the manufacturer must obtain certification to an organic standard, like the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This certification process includes annual reviews conducted by independent auditing agencies. These audits aim to verify that the organic producers are complying with the established organic regulations during the production of their mattresses.

How can I tell if a mattress is organic?

Organic producers are required to have a current, non-expired annual scope certificate issued directly to them by an approved auditing agency. The easiest way to confirm if a mattress is genuinely organic is to request a copy of this current annual scope certificate from the producer.

If the producer cannot provide a valid scope certificate or presents a certificate issued to someone else (such as a supplier), the mattress cannot be considered organic. Additionally, be cautious if a producer only shows the first page of their scope certificate, even if it bears their name. The second page of the certificate specifies the products that the entity is authorized to label as organic. If mattresses are not listed on this page, the producer is not allowed to label their mattresses as organic.

All Lifekind mattresses are certified organic according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Our current annual scope certificate is available on our certifications page.

Are "natural," "eco-friendly," "non-toxic," "chemical-free" or "green" mattresses organic?

Only mattresses produced by a certified manufacturer with a valid annual scope certificate are considered organic.

Terms such as "natural," "eco-friendly," and "green" do not mean organic.

Why should I choose to sleep organic?

You choose to sleep on an organic mattress for the same reasons you would choose to eat organic food.

Both organic food and non-food items are made without certain chemicals that may be found in their conventional counterparts. Unlike conventional foods, certain conventional mattresses may release harmful VOCs into your home and body.

Since we spend nearly a third of our lives in bed, opting for organic sleep products is a wise choice that can contribute to overall wellness.

Are Lifekind organic mattresses free from chemical flame retardants and fiberglass?

Lifekind mattresses are free from chemical flame retardants and fiberglass.

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