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Certified Organic Spiraled-Cotton™ Pillow

Certified Organic Spiraled-Cotton™ Pillow

GOTS certified

Our firmest, flattest pillow.

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Care Instructions

  • Spot clean only
  • Barrier cover recommended

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Looking for a firmer, flatter pillow? Then the all-cotton is the one for you. Filled with GOTS-certified organic cotton and covered with the same beautiful certified organic cotton fabric we use on our mattresses. Like our wool pillow, it comes in three lofts — light, medium, or full. Handmade in the USA. 

GOTS-certified organic cotton cover fabric and GOTS-certified organic cotton filling

Standard (20x26") • King (20x36")

Which Loft — Light, Medium, or Full?

Our all-cotton pillows are available in three fill weights: The light loft is perfect for children or stomach sleepers; Back sleepers usually choose the medium; The full loft offers the best support for side sleepers. *Note that cotton fillings will compress by approximately one-half over time.

Cotton or Wool Fill?

Looking for a softer, springier pillow? Then the wool-filled is the one for you. It resists dust mites, wicks away body moisture, and helps keep body temperature regulated. (Note: Wool fillings will compress by approximately one-third.)

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